Gigas RNA Extractions

Met with Grace and Eric at 1:00PM

Met in FTR 209. Started the Extraction process where we left off on the 23rd.

We preformed the quality check on our 5 samples.

We found that two of our samples couldn’t pass the nanodrop test and had to be discarded. We have more of those particular samaples, so we will run those samples again at a later date. The other three samples that passed the nanodrop had lower concentration than we would’ve wanted. The three samples we ran all had a qubit reading of below 100.

Will not be in this Thursday.

Summer is starting so I won’t be able to make it into the lab until September. Matt did mention that he’d like me to do the data anlysis for the Oyster rDNA & Byssal Thread projects. I will reconect with Matt to confirm this.

Link to master branch

Link to meme